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How to Book Girnar Ropeway Ticket Online?

How to Book Girnar Ropeway Ticket Online?

Girnar Mountain is located in Gujarat, India, in the Junagadh district. It is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Jains. Since the third century, it has been one of the most important religious sites, with 866 Hindu and Jain temples strewn throughout the summits.

To reach the final top, one must ascend 9999 stairs. Girnar Mountain is holy to both Digambar and Shwetambar Jains. The prominent pilgrimage places for Hindu pilgrims include Amba Mata Temple, Gorakshanath Temple, and Dattatreya Temple.

Girnar is known as Neminath Mountain because of the Tirthankara Neminath shrine, a sacred site for Jain followers. Udan Khatola is set to finish and open India's most technologically advanced ropeway in Girnar. The ropeway is 2126.4 meters long and has ultramodern cabins.

The ropeway will transport pilgrims to Ma Ambaji temple in Girnar, making it more easier for those who would otherwise have to climb 5000 stairs to reach the sumit. Gujarat's Ropeway is the biggest in the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Asia's biggest Girnar Ropeway on October 24, 2020.This is especially good news for those who intend to climb Girnar by ropeway. Tickets may be purchased online at

Girnar Ropeway is Asia's longest ropeway, stretching 2.3 kilometers. The ropeway spans half of the 5000-step ascent and terminates at Ambaji Temple. The ropeway allows you to accomplish the climb in 7 minutes instead of 4 hours. 

The ropeway employs monocable gondola detachable lifts, often known as cable cars. Between Bhavnath Taleti and Ambaji Temple, nine towers have been built. The highest pole is 66 meters high and is located on Girnar's 1000th step. The cable cars can carry 7-8 passengers. A total of 25-30 cable cars may operate simultaneously.

Booking Girnar Ropeway Ticket Online

Here We tell you how to book Girnar Ropeway Ticket Online or Junagadh ropeway ticket booking. Girnar Ropeway tickets can be purchased online. Girnar Ropeway tickets cost INR 400 (one-way) and INR 700 (two-way). The fee for children from 5 to 10 years is INR 350. Visitors may also purchase tickets on the spot, however the area is always congested and you will have to wait longer than with online bookings. Visitors can purchase a return ticket from Ambaji temple to return to Taleti if they are fatigued, unsure about the slot, or simply want to experience the ropeway one way. 

Girnar Ropeway Timings

Girnar Cable Timetable Car rides are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you miss the 5 p.m. window, you will have to go all the way back.

Best time to visit Girnar Ropeway

The time and temperature don't really matter if you want to tour the ropeway because there are air-conditioned waiting areas. However, the winters (November to February) are the greatest season to visit Girnar since the temperatures are excellent for trekking.

Girnar Ropeway connects Bhavnath Foothills to Ambaji Temple. In total, nine skyscrapers have been built. Tower number 6, located near the thousand foot hill of Girnar, is the highest tower in the project, standing at 67 meters. The distance between Bhavnath foothills and Ambaji is 2.3 kilometers. The ropeway takes tourists from the foothills to Ambaji in 7 minutes.

Address - Girnar Udankhatola Nr. Sudarshan Talav, Bhavnath Taleti, Junagadh - 362004

Near by Cities:
Rajkot 114 km, Jamnagar 160 km, Bhavnagar 205 km, Ahmedabad 338 km, Bhuj 346 km, Gandhinagar 350 km

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