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How to Create Business Profile on Truecaller?

How to Create a Truecaller Business Profile? What is Truecaller Business profile? Truecaller Business profile is a new way to let people know about your company in every detail from opening hours, closing hours, email, website to the official address. Here you can list important information about your company, and it's a great way to associate and communicate with your customers in a more trustworthy way. See the full post on how to create business profile on truecaller .  What are the benefits of Truecaller Business Profile? Caller id will display your company name when you call your customers which will look more professional. It's completely free to add important information such as address, website, email, opening hours and more. You increase your visibility each time they call you or vice versa. With this, you engage better with anyone on Truecaller. How can I create a business account on Truecaller? For new businesses, who are not already registered as an existing Trueca

How to Apply for HDFC Cheque Book Online

How To Apply For HDFC Cheque Book Online/Offline? HDFC Bank is one of the top private banks in India. HDFC Bank strives to provide services at par to its consumers and cheque book is a basic service by the bank which can be requested through a variety of options.  How to apply for HDFC Bank Cheque Book? There are many ways by which a customer can apply for HDFC Bank check book online and offline. These are the different ways by which a customer can request check book easily: Mobile Banking Net Banking Missed call service SMS service Phone Banking HDFC Bank ATM HDFC Bank Branch How to apply for HDFC Bank Cheque Book Online? Here we are telling you how to get HDFC Cheque Book Online : Visit HDFC Bank net banking page and login with your credentials here - Click on the Request section of the Account tab at the left of the screen Scroll below to click on Request Cheque Book. Select Account number if there is more than one. Click on Continue. Click

How to Clear Google Storage Space?

How to Clear Google Storage Space? Are you out of storage! Google is now readily showing an alert that you are out of storage. You can check google storage space in your account of how much is left and what you can do about it to increase google storage space or buy more google storage space. Google allows free storage up to 15GB across its products like Photos, Gmail and Drive. Google Photos are ending its unlimited free storage for photos on June 1, now users will be left with very limited space to save their data. Paid, subscription-based storage plans are available from Rs 120 per month for 100GB storage  now we will tell you about how to free up space from your Google account. Below we are telling you how to increase google storage space . How to clear Google Storage Space?(your free 15GB) The most simple way to increase the storage space in your Google account is to clear up your existing 15GB of free storage. These are the steps to clear Google storage efficiently. Visit

How to Book Train Tickets Online from Mobile?

How to Book Train Tickets Online from Mobile via IRCTC ? IRCTC is the official Web portal of Indian Railways through which passengers can book train tickets and also use its other services. But do you know that Indian Railways IRCTC has an official app through which anyone can book railway ticket online and use it for other services. IRCTC, or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, handles inter-city and inter-state travel bookings from the length and breadth of India.  How to Book IRCTC Railway Ticket Online from Mobile? First step to be done is IRCTC Rail Connect app download  from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Register yourself through the Rail Connect app if you have not already done so before you begin to use the app. In order to book Indian Railways train ticket on your smartphone through Rail Connect app, follow these steps: Download and Install IRCTC Rail Connect app. Register yourself if not done so and Login using your just created credentials. Click on

How to Add a Nominee to your Car and Scooter

How to Add a Nominee to your Car, Scooter and Bike Earlier the process of selling a car, scooter or a bike was full of hassles if the vehicle was in the name of the deceased. The vehicle ownership was transferred in the name of the legal heir and for all the formalities, frequent visits to different offices had to be made. The procedure to transfer name could also differ from one Regional Transport Office to another. If the cities of the person who is no more and legal heirs are different, it could make the process even more cumbersome. Nomination for Vehicles The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently notified changes to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. With the new set of rules in place, the vehicle owner can now nominate a person in the registration certificate(RC). If in case the vehicle owner who has died and had registered a nominee, the nominee can get the ownership transferred in his or her name. The owner can tell the nominee name when buying a new car(or

How to Apply for Duplicate RC Online?

How to Apply for Duplicate RC Online? A person can apply for duplicate Registration Certificate(RC) of a vehicle if the RC is lost, mutilated, torn, or used up. While driving on the road, you must have registration certificate (RC) with you just as you would carry Driving License. Below we have given you all the steps needed in order to apply for duplicate RC Online . A registration certificate tells that your vehicle is registered with your state Regional Transport Office (RTO). Registration certificate(RC) comes up in the form of a book (RC book) or a smart card (RC card). Guidelines for duplicate RC: In case your vehicle registration certificate is lost or destroyed, you must report to the police station in the jurisdiction of which the loss or destruction has occurred and intimate that fact in writing to the registering authority by whom the certificate of registration was issued. You can apply in Form 26 for duplicate RC book to the RTO which registered your original RC and pay th

How to Make Money by Setting Up Twitter Tip Jar

Twitter introduces Tip Jar on Android and iOS -  Twitter Tip Jar Set Up Twitter has come up with a brand new feature called a ‘Tip Jar’ added to its platform, which enables users to tip creators who enable this on their profile. The Tip Jar feature is first rolling out to select users globally on Android and iOS versions of the app. Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo are supported payment services. As per Twitter, it will not take any cuts for any tips that users receive on its platform. Tips can also be sent within Spaces, Twitter’s live-audio chat feature on Android. A Twitter blogpost said, as users “drive the conversation on Twitter”, the company wants to make it easier for them to “support each other beyond Follows, Retweets, and Likes,” and that’s why they are introducing Tip Jar. This is a first step in our work to create new ways for people to send and receive tips. Users who are using the Twitter platform in English can send tips which will be later on expanded to i

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