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BSNL Landline Bill Payment Online

BSNL Landline Online Bill Payment

Online BSNL Landline Bill Payment Service - Simple ,Fast and Secure !

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) was established in the year 2000 for providing better telecom services across the country.

It is now possible to pay your BSNL landline bill in just a few clicks and at your suitable time. You can visit the official website of BSNL for landline bill payment online or install the mobile app for BSNL landline bill payment online. Some private websites offer heavy discounts and assured extra cashback when you pay BSNL landline bill through them. Visit their website for the latest BSNL landline bill payment offers.

BSNL Landline Bill Payment can be done easily online at the comfort of sitting in your home or office and just using your laptop/desktop or mobile to pay BSNL bill. BSNL Landline bill online can be paid at any time irrespective of day or night whereas visiting BSNL office and paying the bills there is a cumbersome process.

Not only though the official website of BSNL, BSNL Landline Bill online payment can be done through various other websites. For BSNL Landlline bill payment online or BSNL broadband bill payment online, you just need to select your operator i.e BSNL, fill in the landline number, the amount is shown automatically. Select how you wish to pay i.e from debit/credit card, net banking etc.

Some of the online websites offer cashback when you pay BSNL landline bill online.

How to Make BSNL Landline Bill Payment Online?

These are the steps by which BSNL landline bill payment online can be done:
Visit BSNL official website -
Under Pay My Bills mentioned at the bottom left of the screen, click on Landline/Broadband
This url opens -
Enter your Phone Number with STD Code at the given space for Individual/ Bharat Fiber(FTTH) Bills
Under Communication Details, enter your Email ID, Contact Number and given code.
Click Submit
Your BSNL landline bill details will be displayed on screen
Payment details would be sent on your email id/phone number.
After successful payment of BSNL landline bill, you will get a receipt in your email.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online

BSNL landline bill payment via online mode saves you time, as there is no need to stand in a queue and wait for your turn to pay your dues. BSNL payment can be made from the comfort of your home or office, or even when you are on the move. BSNL landline bill payment is so easy and just takes a few minutes to complete.

With various other websites that offer to pay BSNL landline bill payment like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc. you are just required to enter a few details and the BSNL bill would be fetched and the amount to be given is displayed on the website. Payment can be made via Netbanking, Credit or Debit Cards or through UPI and wallets. You will receive a confirmation message as well an email with these services after your transaction is successfully completed. In case of failure of payment, the services like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc. would also inform that the payment is not made and the same willbe intimated through sms as well as email. Before due date, you will get reminders from FreeCharge and other services to make the payment as the last date approaches which helps you to be be aware so that you may not miss the deadline and incur penalties. BSNL bill view and payment online is fully secured with Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik. These companies have a tie up with BNSL so you don't have an after thought of giving the BSNL bill payment through them or not and moreover, attractive offers and cashbacks with the bill payment makes it more interesting.

BSNL Landline Bill Payment with Paytm Promo Code

It happens with many of us that we forget to pay BSNL landline bill before due date and end up paying late payment charges afterwards. Paytm offers to pay BSNL landline bill payment in seconds. Paytem offers cashbacks and various offers to pay BSNL landline online bill payment. With Paytm promo codes, you can easily pay your BSNL landline bill and enjoy and choose various deals at the click of a button and that too with the comfort of your home or office. This not only lets you save extra money but also make you enjoy various other deals like grocery, travel, food etc. at You just need to apply available Promo Codes at the time of payment and get deals and cashbacks. To pay BSNL landline bill, there is just no need to stand in long queues, you can easily do that with Paytm in simple steps:

Just go to and click on Landline link mentioned at the top. 
Then Select BSNL from the drop down list that opens the moment you click in the Operator field. 

Then enter your Account Number and then Number with STD Code (without 0). 
Click on Get Bill. 
At the right of the screen, you can choose and apply one of the Promo Codes while paying your BSNL landline bill
On the next screen, choose payment method of your preference i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm wallet. As a consumer, you can also pay BSNL bill easily With app.

BSNL landline bill payment with My BSNL Mobile App

As this is the official BSNL web app, it is the most trusted and secure app for your mobile recharges and bill payments. You can download My BSNL App from the Google App Store and get the best service of mobile recharge as well as bill payment from the comfort of paying anytime through your smartphone.

With My BSNL App, you can get:
Postpaid bill Enquiry
PostPaid Bill Payment GSM, CDMA, Landline and WiMax
View Bill Payment History for all your numbers
All payment options - credit card, debit card and net banking
Prepaid TopUp, Loading Plan / Migration Voucher
International WIFI service for 44 thousand location across the world

How To Pay BSNL Landline/Fixed Line Bill on My BSNL App?

First you need to download the My BSNL App on your smartphone and open it.
Open the menu and click on account. Add your landline number and click on save.
Visit home and click on Bill Pay.
Your BSNL bill details would be displayed like Bill No., Amount, Due Date, Email, Account etc.
Click on Pay.
Select how you need to pay the BSNL bill via Debit Card, Credit Card etc.
Enter details and confirm.
An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number
Enter the Secure Password and click confirm
Voila, you have just paid your BSNL landline bill.
You will receive an SMS as well as an email for the bill payment.

How To Pay BSNL Fixed Line Bill on Mobikwik?

Visit Official website of Mobikwik  -
Click on Landline from the top menu.
Online Landline Bill Payment page opens -
Select BSNL as your operator, enter your landline number with STD code(without 0), enter Account Number and click on go.

Choose any promo code if you want to. Then Click on pay now
Choose your method of payment.
Enter OTP and click on proceed.
Your BSNL landline bill payment is done successfully.
You will receive an SMS as well as an email for the bill payment.

How To Pay BSNL Landline  Bill on Freecharge?

Visit the official website of Freecharge  -
Click on Landline from the menu on the left of the screen
Choose  BSNL landline from Landline Provider select box.
Enter your account number, telephone number and service type.

Click on proceed.
The bill amount would be displayed on screen.
Confirm your details and select payment option.
Enter promo code, if you wish to and click on apply.
Click on proceed to pay.
Enter OTP and make payment
BSNL Payment of landline bill is done successfully.
You will receive an SMS as well as an email for the bill payment.

How to Pay BSNL Landline Bill using Amazon Pay?

Visit official website of Amazon direct link for landline payment here -
Under Landline/Broadband Bill, select "BSNL Landline - Individual" operator to proceed.
Enter your 10 digit account number
Enter your BSNL Landline Number with STD code without 0.

Click on Fetch Bill
After that your bill amount will be displayed on screen.
While paying for BSNL landline bill, you can check Amazon Offers, if available.
You can view BSNL landline bill and make payment via Amazon Pay balance or your debit card, credit card or net banking.
You will receive an SMS as well as an email after successful payment of BSNL landline bill.

How to apply for BSNL Landline Connection?

BSNL offers telephone connections in categories like Permanent Connections and Casual Connections to it's subscribers. You can read about both of them below:

Permanent Connections:

Permanent connections are available in the following eight categories for different subscribers:
Non-OYT General - This scheme is open to all.
Non-OYT Special - For this category, Doctors, Qualified Nurses and Midwives, Blind persons, Advocates, Judicial Officers etc. are eligible
Non-OYT Swatantrata Senani Scheme(SWS) - Freedom Fighters and Spouse of Freedom Fighters can apply for this scheme.
Non-OYT S S - This is applicable to Foreign Missions and Embassies,UN Organizations, MPs, MLAs and Municipal Councilors, Distinguished Persons.
Non-OYT-G-SE-DOT - Employees of DoT and BSNL can apply for a BSNL landline connection under this category.

Casual Connections :
Casual connections are given to applicants for social/religious functions, marriages, exhibitions etc., for a period not exceeding 30 days.

How to apply for New BSNL Landline Connection Offline?

Offline Procedure For New BSNL Landline Connection Registration:
A person who wish to apply for a new BSNL Connection can do so by filling an application form which is available free of cost from any of the designated offices of the BSNL or the Customer Service Centers located anywhere in the country. Photocopy of this form printout of these forms are also accepted. The completed application form along with the demand draft may be given by hand in the office of the GM/TDM/TDE/SDE for new BSNL landline registration.

How to apply for New BSNL Landline Connection Online?

A person who whishes to take up the services of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) for a new landline connection can also apply via online mode. These are the steps one needs to take in order to applu for a new BSNL landline connection:

Visit the official website of BSNL -
Hover your mouse over the top navigation link "Landline & Data"
Click on :New Telephone Connection" under BSNL Landline
New Telephone Connection page opens
Click on the link in red font, "Click here for applying online for New Telephone Connection"
Apply for a new BSNL New Connection form opens.

Select State, District, Service Type, Channel of Approach under Lead Details.
Enter your Personal Details like Name, Mobile Number, Email and Landline Number(if any).
Then enter your Address Details like Locality, Sub-Locality, Address, Remarks(if any).
Click Submit
That's it. Your application for a new BSNL connection is sent. A BNSL representative will soon get in touch with you.

BSNL Landline Plans

BSNL offers Landline plan "LL 129" ONNET on regular basis for PAN India:-

S. No. Particulars LL Plan 129
1. Monthly Charge Rs. 129/-
2. Free Calls Unlimited voice calls in BSNL Network( Local+STD)
ONNET(within India)
3. Call Rate (in MCU/Month) Other Network: Rs. 1.00/MCU OFFNET.
ISD calls on MOU basis.
4. Applicability Indivisual Residential customers.
5. Security Deposit As per General Landline Plan.
6. CLIP Instrument Charges
As per General Landline Plan.
7. Validity Period One Year.
8. Installation Charges As per General Landline Plan.
9. Additional Facility Free night calling to all Network between 10.30 PM to 6 AM & All Sunday Free calling on all networks within India + Rs. 100/- talk value to other network.
9. Bonus Talk Time Add On Pack Freebies:
a) Rs. 29/- 100 calls Local/STD to any network
b) Rs. 49/- 200 calls Local/STD to any network
b) Rs. 98/- unlimited calls Local/STD to any network

BSNL offers  "Rural ALL CUL" Rs 249 plan on regular basis for PAN India:-

S. No. Particulars Rural All CUL
1. Monthly Charge Rs. 249/-
2. Free Calls Unlimited voice calls to any Network in India
3. Applicability Individual Residential customers.
4. Security Deposit As per General Landline Plan.
5. CLIP Instrument Charges
As per General Landline Plan.
6. Installation Charges As per General Landline Plan.

BSNL Complaint Online - Registered User

BSNL Landline Customer Support Online Complaint 

Visit the official website of BSNL to register complaint here -
Log in to your account with your username and password or Sign up for an account to register a complaint

Click on Register a Complaint and follow the steps further.

BSNL Complaint Online - Unregistered User

If you are not a registered user on BSNL website, you are still allowed to register a complaint with BSNL for services such as Wings, Landline and Broadband, Bharat Fiber Voice and Broadband, BB over EPBAX, BB over WiFi. To register a Landline/Broadband complaint with BSNl, follow these steps:

Visit the official website of BSNL Self Care -
Click on Register Complaint on the left of the screen
Register Complaint page opens.
Select "Landline and Broadband" from Service Type for Complaint box.

Enter your Telephone Number.
Choose a reson for your Landline/Broadband complaint with BSNL.
Enter Captcha code and click Submit Complaint.
That's it. Your have registered your landline/broadband complaint with BSNL.

BSNL Customer Care Numbers/BSNL Complaint Number

BSNL Toll Free Numbers are as follows:

BSNL Landline Call Center Number - 1500
BSNL Landline Customer Care Number Toll Free - 1800-345-1500

BSNL Mobile all India Helpline Number - 1503
BSNL Mobile Customer Care Number Toll Free - 1800-180-1503

BSNL WLL/WiMax Call Center Number - 1502
BNSL WLL/WiMax Customer Care Number Toll Free - 1800-180-1502

BSNL Broadband Helpline Number - 1504
BSNL Broadband Customer Care Number Toll Free - 1800-345-1504

BNSL MPLS Help Desk Number - 1800-425-1957

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