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Free Electricity upto 200 Units: New Electricity Rates in Delhi

Free Electricity upto 200 Units: New Electricity Rates in Delhi

Delhi's power rates have been reduced. Delhi Electricity Regularity Commission (DERC) chairman Justice (retired) S S Chauhan said the new electricity rates in Delhi are applicable from August 1. It is to be noted that Delhi Assembly elections 2020 are coming in a few months. The Delhi Chief Minister elections are due in Feburary 2020. Arvind Kejriwal ina press conference said that "the power tariff has been reduced for the residents of Delhi". He said, “The Delhi government will now provide free electricity to domestic consumers who consumes up to 200 units every month and for Consumers who use power between 201 to 400 units every month will now get 50 percent subsidy on their electricity bills.”

The new electricity tariff for 2019-20, significantly brought down the fixed charges while raising energy charges.

The new electricity rates are as follows:
The fixed charges up to 2 kilowatts (kW) has been reduced from Rs.125 to Rs.20
The fixed charges above 2 kW but less than 5 kW reduced from Rs. 140 to Rs.50.
The fixed charges for more than 5 kW and less than 15 kW reduced from Rs.175 to Rs.100

The domestic consumers who are consuming more than 1,200 units, their fixed charges have been increased from Rs. 7.75 per unit to Rs. 8 per unit. Domestic Consumers will now able to save from Rs.105 up to Rs.750 per month after 1st August 2019 as the new electricity charges are implemented. The above 3 kilo volts-amperes(kVA) who comes in the non-domestic category, their rates have been increased from Rs.8 per unit to Rs.8.50 per unit. For low-end shopkeepers who consumes up to 3 KVA, a new sub-category has been created for them and they will be charged Rs.6 per kW instead of Rs.8.50 kW.

Delhi government had spent Rs 1,700 crores on power subsidy to residents for the financial year 2018-19, and that is going to increase up to Rs 2,000 crores after August 1. Resident consumers had to pay
Rs 477 for usage of up to 200 units (1 kw) of electricity till 31st July, 2019 and after the new tarrifs, now it's zero. There are over 26 lakh consumers who are using electricity up to 200 units and now they will be benefitted from the new tarrifs of free electricity.

It means that 14 lakh people who consume more than 200 units but less than 400 units will get electricity at half the price. People who are using 210 or 300 units will now think that if they plan to use electricity wisely and under 200 units, their bill will be down to zero. This will definitely encourage residents to save electricity. In 2015 Assembly poll campaign, Kejriwal’s slogan was reducing the electricity tariff to half and decreasing water tariffs to zero.

The AAP Govt. led by Arvind Kejriwal claimed that the power tariffs in Delhi had decreased substantially after the AAP came in power after the Congress rule. The party said, "In 2010, a resident had to pay Rs 153 per 50 units of electricity consumed and it was Rs 264 in 2013, during the Congress’ Govt.'s rule. They said the cost had become Rs 128 in June 2019. The cost of per 100 units of power, priced at Rs 485 in the year 2013, was priced at Rs 211 in June 2019. As soon as AAP government came to power in Delhi, up to 400 units of power was given at a subsidized rate of 50 percent, and the residents get 20,000 litres of water for free every month.

Delhi's Chief Minister said that "the national capital Delhi has the cheapest electricity rate in the country. The consumers who use less than 200 units during summer are around 35% and consumers who use less than 200 units during winter are around 70% .

For 200 units of electricity, consumers had to shell out Rs 622 and now it's free. For 250 units of electric consumption, Rs 800 had to be paid, now Rs 252 is to be paid. For 300 units, they used to pay Rs 971, now they'll pay Rs 526. For 400 units consumed, they had to pay Rs 1320, now they'll pay Rs 1075.

Here we have given a full list of revised rates. You can see what you were paying before and what now you have to pay.

Reduced rates for electricity bills in Delhi compared to existing prices
LoadUnitsExisting bills in 2019 (in Rs)New bills in 2019 (in Rs)

"These are some small changes done in fixed charges and energy charges. The electricity rates are now balanced so that each person in the society gets benefits" said the DERC chairman. He also added, "The electricity rates have been reduced for charging stations of e-rickshaws and other electric vehicles so that it helps to promote pollution-free transportation".

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