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How to Pay KMC Property Tax Online Property Tax Online Payment

If you want to know how to pay the registration charges and property tax online in Kolkata, you have come to the right place. You must read on to know how to make a property tax payment online.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) takes care of the urban infrastructure and development in the city. The authority is not only responsible for maintaining the existing infrastructure but also for the development of new infrastructure projects such as roads, rails, drainage facilities and water and electricity supplies etc. A few taxes such as property tax in Kolkata are levied on the residents to manage such a huge infrastructure. 

KMC Property tax: How is property tax calculated in Kolkata?

Previously, KMC computed the property tax as per the Annual Rateable Value (ARV) method. However, in order to go for a simpler and transparent tax calculation mechanism, KMC now uses Unit Area Assessment (UAA) for KMC property tax calculation.

KMC Property tax: Formula to calculate property tax in Kolkata

Annual tax = BUAV x Covered space/Land area x Location MF value x Usage MF value x Age MF value x Structure MF value x Occupancy MF value x Rate of tax (including HB tax*)

*HB tax is the Howrah Bridge tax which is levied only on properties under specific wards

*The BUAV and MF values for computing tax are notified on the official website of KMC 

For more details, you may please go and visit the section “Brief Account of the Unit Area Assessment System” and refer the relevant pages of ‘Scheme’, ‘Regulation for Covered Space’, ‘Tax Capping’ and Rule for ‘Self-Assessment System Manner and Forms.”

How to make Property Tax Online Payment?

Payment of Kolkata property tax can be done very easily online which not only saves you time but also the efforts of physically going to the office and standing in never-ending queues. Kolkata Municipal Corporation has provided the facility to pay property tax online with just a few steps. In order to avoid any extra fines and charges, it is necessary to pay property tax online payment on time. Here We give you a quick step-by-step guide for property tax online payment.
  • Visit, which is the official site of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  • Select KMC departments from the left navigation menu.
  • Click on the third link "Assessment and Collection" under Department which handles the assessment of land and buildings, Mutation and Collection of Property Tax
  • Now, hover over the link "Print Unpaid Bill" and click "Current PD" link to do the property tax online payment for the current month.
  • Enter the Assessee No. and click Search.
  • After clicking Search, your bill will be generated for kmc property tax online payment
  • Verify Property tax bill details and select the desired way of payment.

KMC Property Tax: How to Pay Property Tax Online in Kolkata? - Another Method

  • Visit the KMC official website here - and click on ‘Make Online Payment’ tab.
  • Select "Property Tax" option, and then click "All Bill"
  • Fill in details such as assesse number, email id and contact number.
  • Pay the amount displayed on the screen through Debit card/Credit Card/ UPI/Wallet/Neft/RTGS and internet banking etc and collect the e-receipt. If you forget to take the KMC property tax receipt you can go to the reprint section and download it again.
The UAA mechanism for payment of property tax in Kolkata has not only simplified the tax procedure in the city but also made it easier for the residents to evaluate the tax due. The KMC online property tax system is also a boon as homeowners can pay the taxes digitally without wasting any time and effort.

What do you need to know before Property Tax Online Payment?

Before trying to pay Kolkata property tax online, you must know and keep at hand a few key details related to your property which includes:

  • The annual value of the property
  • Classification of the property (residential, non-residential, vacant lot, billboard, shop, etc.)
  • Zonal Classification
  • Dimension of the property
  • Built-up area
  • Number of floors 
  • Built-up area of each floor
  • Recent electricity bills
  • Exemptions if any (certain types of properties, such as care centers for stray animals)

KMC Property tax: How to check pending bills online?

To check unpaid KMC property tax bills, you can visit KMC website and see the total pending bill on your property account. You can visit and view PD and F/S bills here -
PD Bills: Periodic Demand bills are issued annually, based on the last decided valuation of the property.

F/S Bill: Fresh/Supplementary bills are issued immediately after a hearing to reflect any changes. to the earlier issued bills. Fresh bills are also issued after the first assessment of a property.

How to make KMC Property Tax Offline Payment?

The owner or person responsible for paying the Kolkata property tax of a property is required to submit Return in a properly filled-out Self-Assessment Form (SAF) as per the provisions of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 (as amended from time to time). 

Forms are available online or at the assistance desks of the various Assessment-Collection Department offices, as well as at the e-Kolkata Citizens Service Centers. Such offices accept offline form submissions, and following the entry of the form's data, a demand under UAA will be generated. Also, it is possible to submit SAF and make payments online.

As we have mentioned it above about kmc property tax online payment (Kolkata Municipal Corporation property tax), you can also opt for the offline payment of kmc property tax. To pay kmc property tax offline, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

KMC Property Tax Offline Payment

  • Visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation office.
  • Get an application form for the KMC Property tax payment. (Kolkata Municipal Corporation property tax)
  • Enter the details such as Assessee number, owner's name, address, property id, zone, category, address, registered email id and mobile number and other details.
  • Submit the duly filled form and applicable amount to the executive. 
  • The outstanding KMC property tax will be paid.

How to Search for Assessee information on the KMC website?

A user can also search for assessee information on the KMC website. Follow these below mentioned steps in order to get the details of an assessee:
  • Visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation website.
  • choose the Assessment-collection under the online services tab On the left hand navigation menu.
  • click on the ‘Assessee Information Search’ tab on the left pane after the page redirects.
  • Enter the details such as Ward number, Street, Premise number, and Assessee number.
  • Click on the Search button. The assessee details will be displayed on your screen. 

How to check KMC Property Tax Online Payment Status?

After you have paid the kmc property tax online payment, you can check the payment of kmc property tax status online. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to check the kmc property tax payment status:
  • Visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation website.
  • choose the Assessment collection under the online services tab on the left side navigation menu
  • click on the Check payment status on the left side menu after page redirects
  • A new window opens.
  • Enter the Assessee number and click on the Search button. The assessee payment status will be displayed on your screen.

How to Print the unpaid KMC Property Tax Bills Online?

The KMC allows a property taxpayer to download all the unpaid KMC property tax bills online. To download the KMC property tax bills online, follow these steps:
  • Visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation website.
  • choose the Assessment collection under the online services tab on the left side menu
  • Page redirects then click on the ‘Print Unpaid Bill’ option.
  • ngThe unpaid property tax screen will be displayed
  • Now enter the Assessee number and click on the search button. 
  • The unpaid KMC bills will be displayed on the screen.

How to reprint the E-receipt of KMC Property Tax Online?

The payment of KMC property tax can be made both online as well as offline. While the receipt can be obtained immediately in the offline payment of KMC property tax, the receipt is generated online in kmc property tax online payment. In case a person loses his property tax receipt, he can take a reprint of the same online. To take a reprint of the KMC property tax receipt, follow these steps:
  • Visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation website.
  • choose the Assessment collection under the online services tab on the left side menu
  • click on the ‘Reprint E-receipt’ option after new window opens
  • The list of combined receipts window will be opened.
  • Now choose the period of receipts. You will have to choose the From date and To date. 
  • Then enter the Assessee number and click on the Search Receipt button. The property tax receipts for the selected duration will be displayed on the screen.

KMC Mobile Application (Kolkata Municipal Corporation property tax)

Kolkata Municipal corporation has also developed a mobile application. To download the application, visit the official website and click on the ‘KMC Mobile Application’ button on the left side menu. You will be redirected to the google play store page for app download. Here, you can download the mobile app.

Contact Kolkata Municipal Corporation Details
If you are fac any difficulty in KMC property tax online payment (Kolkata Municipal Corporation property tax) or assessment of KMC property tax, you may contact the Kolkata municipal office at the following address.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation 
5, S.N.Banerjee Road,Kolkata 700 013, India
Ph : +91 33 2286-1000 (28 Lines)

KMC Call Center
KMC Working Days
Mon-Fri : 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sat : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Ph : 155360 , 2226-9909 ,
18003453375 (Toll Free)

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