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How to link Passport with Vaccination Certificate?

How to link your passport with your Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

how to link passport with covid vaccine certificate

For those people who wish to travel abroad in the coming months, there will be a need to link your passport to your Covid-19 vaccination certificate. So, the question arises first of all if you have been Vaccinated, you must first download the covid vaccination certificate from the website. Then another question arises that how to link passport to vaccine certificate? So, below we have mentioned the process you need to take in order to link passport with vaccine certificate:

link passport with

How to link Passport to Vaccine Certificate?

  • If you have been vaccinated using another photo ID, log in to your cowin account on the official CoWIN portal -
  • Click on the “Raise Issue” button in the “Account Details” section after you receive an OTP on your mobile and your login is successful.
  • Three options would be there — Certificate Correction; Merge Multiple Dose #1 Provisional Certificates and Add Passport Details. Click on “Add Passport Details”.
add passport details
  • A new3 page opens where you can select the name of the member whose passport details are to be added.
  • Select the member from the drop down menu and enter their passport number in the “Enter Beneficiary’s Passport Number” section. Make sure to enter the correct passport number, as its only once you are permitted to change the certificate photo ID details. So, this step is to be performed with caution.
link indian passport with covid certificate
  • Once you have verified and checked again the passport number to make sure it is correct, tick the box “I declare that this passport belongs to the beneficiary. The name of the passport holder is the same as mentioned on the vaccine certificate.”
  • Click on the “Submit Request” button.
  • A message will be sent on the registered mobile number confirming that your request has been submitted. This process instantly and then another message comes which says that your request has been “updated successfully”.
  • Visit Account Details page and click on the “Certificate” button next to the name of the account to which you have added passport details. Then you can finally download your new vaccine certificate linked to your passport. This was the process on how to link passport with vaccination certificate.

Why should I link my Vaccine Certificate to my Passport?

If you planning to go abroad to study, for a job or for the Tokyo Olympic games, you may be asked for a vaccine certificate linked to your passport, especially at the departure point. This makes sure that you are going out of the country only after having been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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