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Delhi Birth Certificate Online Download

How to get a birth certificate in Delhi?

Birth Certificate and Registration, Birth Certificate Online Download

Birth Certificate is one of the most important identity document that establishes the date of one’s birth. Birth Certificate is needed for getting a number of benefits offered by Government of India. Birth Certificates in India are provided by the Municipal Local Bodies of the state like MCD, NDMC etc. The birth certificate in India is issued by the registration centres/Zonal Offices of the local bodies within 7 days from the date of receipt of application from the applicant, after the birth has already been registered.

Delhi Birth Certificate

If you live in Delhi and want to know how to get a birth certificate in Delhi, this post tells how to go about and apply for online birth certficiate in Delhi. It is must to register every birth as per the Registration of Birth Act, 1969. Birth certificate is one of the basic and important legal document that serves as an identity proof of a person and shows that the person is born in the particular place and state. The Chief Registrar of birth is the responsible body for issuing the birth certificate under the State Government of Delhi.

A Birth Certificate is issued by the Municipal Corporation/Municipal Council in urban areas, the Tehsildar at the Taluka level in rural areas and the Gram Panchayat Office at the village level.

Let's look below for a detailed look on getting a birth certificate in Delhi. First take a look at why one needs to obtain a birth certificate:

What is the need to get a Birth Certificate?

The reasons for obtaining the birth certificate can be many, but the birth certificate in India is required to prove date of birth and it is needed:
To establish a person's identity proof of birth
To get documents like Passport, Voter ID, Driving license, etc.
To get admission in schools and other educational institutions.
It acts as an age proof for employment.
To register for the marriage certificate.
To claim insurance benefits.
To register in NPR (National Population Register)
Immigration requirements (such as getting a green card)

Who Can Register Birth?

A birth certificate can be obtained if the event of birth is registered within 21 days from the date of birth in Delhi.
If the birth happens in a house, the head of the household is responsible for registering the birth.
If the birth takes place in hospitals, nursing homes or health centre, any officer authorized by a medical officer is responsible for registering a birth.
If a birth takes place in jail, the jail in charge is responsible to register such births.
If a birth takes place in the moving vehicle, the person in charge of the vehicle is required to report the birth.
If a birth is not recorded within one year of birth, you can contact the place of birth for registration of the event and the Registrar Office for recording the birth.

How much fees do I need to pay for Birth Certificate?

Government Fee Structure
The following is the fee for registering a birth in Delhi.

The fees structure of Birth Certificate is:

    Within 21 days of the occurrence of Birth - There will be no fees for registration of Birth. First free copy will be provided by the Hospital.

    After 21 days to 30 days of the occurrence of Birth - Rs. 7/- will be charged as a late fee.

    After 30 days to within 1 year of the occurrence of Birth - Rs. 10/- will be charged as a late fee.

    After 1 year of the occurrence of Birth - SDM Order from local area + Rs. 15/- will be charged as a late fee.

    To register name in Birth Certificate, Rs. 10/- will be charged.

    For Birth Certificate, Rs. 20/- will be charged for one copy as a fee.

    To Search any old record, Rs. 7/- will be charged as a fee.

How much time is required to get a birth certificate in Delhi?

The birth certificate in India is issued within seven working days from the date of application.

Documents Required
To get a birth certificate in Delhi, you need to submit the following documents along with the application form.
  • Proof of birth of the child for whom the certification is required.
  • Affidavit bearing place, date and time of birth of the person.
  • Parents Residential certificate of the particular year.
  • Parents’ identity proof.
  • Marriage certificate of the parents

In case of delayed registration of birth, these documents are required:

  • A request letter from the father/mother.
  • Proof of address where the birth of a child takes place.
  • Affidavit in a proper format having complete details of the child.
  • Proof of birth date.
  • Aadhar card.

What is the procedure to register Birth in Delhi?

A Birth application form needs to be duly filled by the head of the family or relative etc., Form is available at :

    International Inoculation Center (HQ) Mandir Marg/ PalikaSuvidha Kendra/ Other Concerned Areas of Birth Centers.

    At Counter - 1, Centralized Receipt Branch (CRB), Ground Floor, Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.

    On the NDMC Website:> Citizen Services -> Birth & Death

A person who has not registered his/her child's birth and has been issued a birth certificate will not be identified as an Indian citizen and thus will not be able to get all the benefits/ rights of a citizen of India. Thus, it is of utmost importance to apply for a child's birth certificate as soon as a baby is born in the family and within 21 days.

Where you can get Birth Certificate?

To get Birth Certificate, one can submit the prescribed application at:

i) For a birth more than 1 yr old

Visit->International Inoculation Centre (HQ) Birth and Death Centre, Mandir Marg.

ii) For current year birth certificate

Visit any of the below mentioned->

SBS Place (Gole Market and nearby NDMC area, L.H.M.C Hospital & R.M.L Hospital,New Delhi).
Charak Palika Hospital, MotiBagh,New Delhi.(For Current Home & Hospital Data, Motibagh, Sardar Patel, North & South Anveue, Ashoka Hotal, Netaji Nagar etc.).
Palika Maternity Hospital, Lodhi Road,New Delhi.(PMH/nearby home data)Zone-8 SI office
Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi.(AIIMS, Kidwai Nagar, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Ansari Nagar)
Sarojini Nagar Center,(Shanti Aavedna Hospital & Trauma Centre A.I.I.M.S, sarojini Nagar New Delhi).

How long does it take to get Birth Certificate?

It generally takes 4 to 7 working days.

What shall be done if Birth is not recorded?

If the Birth is not recorded within one year of Birth, you can contact the place of Birth for registration of the event. Registrar Office can also be contacted.

What is the process to makes changes in Birth registration?


A correction letter is required from Medical Record Officer of concerned hospital/institution, where birth event occurred along with supporting documents for events, of less than 10yr old.

For Birth event > 10 yr old

i) Affidavit stamp paper on Rs.10/- duly attested by SDM/Notary public having subject correction of birth events.
ii) Supporting document like Passport, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, 10th class certificate etc.

Delhi Birth Certificate Application Status

You can know your Birth Application status in Delhi by following these steps:

  • You need to enter Application Number or Registration Number
  • Choose Birth from Type
  • Enter Old Registration Number if registered before 10th June 2010.
  • Click on Submit
  • The status of your child's birth application will be displayed.

For Onlline Birth Certificate, you can do the following steps:
Visit the official website of NDMC here -
Choose one of the options from Search by registration number or Search without registration number
If you chose Search by registration number, do this:

  • Enter Child Reg.Id or Old Registration Number (For Birth registration Registered before 4th June 2010)
  • Select Date of Birth, Enter Gender, Mother's and Father's Name (Minimum of 3 characters)
  • Check the box if you are a nearest relative to obtain birth certificate.
  • A sum of Rupees 21 (Certificate Charges 20-00 + Convinience Charges @ 1.8% + service tax @2.0642) wii be charged for Birth Certificate.
  • Click on Submit. 

If the record is available, it will be displayed on screen otherwise No Record Available message is shown.

If you chose Search without registration number, do this:

  • Select Date of Birth, Enter Gender, Mother's and Father's Name (Minimum of 3 characters)
  • Check the box if you are a nearest relative to obtain birth certificate.
  • A sum of Rupees 21 (Certificate Charges 20-00 + Convinience Charges @ 1.8% + service tax @2.0642) wii be charged for Birth Certificate.
  • Click on Submit. 

If the record is available, it will be displayed on screen otherwise No Record Available message is shown.

The above example is given for New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) MCD. For South Delhi Municipal Council (SDMC), Visit here -
For For East Delhi Municipal Council (EDMC), Visit here -

New Delhi Online Birth Certificate - Birth Enquiry

Visit the official website of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) -
Click on Online Services link at the top
Then Click on Birth Certificate
Birth Enquiry page opens where you need to fill a birth application form

You need to enter Registration No., Birth Date, Gender, Father Name (First 3 Characters), Mother Name (First 3 Characters), Choose Birth Place, Enter Captcha and click on Search
If you have entered the correct details, birth certificate would be displayed.

Birth certificates can also be issued without entering the name of the child. The name can be entered without a fee within 12 months and for a period of up to 15 years on payment of a late fee.

For children born outside India, their birth is registered under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizens (Registration at Indian consulates) Rules, 1956 at the Indian Missions. If the parents of the child return to India to live and settle down, the birth can be registered within 60 days from the date of arrival of the child to India, after which the delayed registration provisions are applicable.

What are the documents required?

The documents required to get a birth certificate include an application made on a plain paper, proof of birth of the person whom the certificate is being applied for, an affidavit that specifies the name, place, date and time of birth, copy of ration card and a school leaving certificate, if any, that shows the date of birth. Police verification is required in the absence of a school leaving certificate.

How to Change Name in Birth Certificate?

These are the steps one needs to take in order to change name in birth certificate:

Get a 'Birth Certificate Update/correction Form' the municipal corporation office or gram panchayat where your child was born.
Get an affidavit from local notary and contact the municipal authorities regarding change of name in the birth certificate. Affidavit is to be made on a non-judicial stamp paper of minimal amount and tell the reason for name change.
Fill the correction form and submit it to the municipal corporation along with affidavit or certified copy with judge original signature.
After the application process is completed, publish the advertisement in the local newspaper and your state official Gazette publication.

How to get name change publication in official Gazette:
If you wish to get name change publication in official Gazette, you need to write an application letter to the Gazette office with supporting documents such as a copy of local newspaper advertisement, affidavit, passport size photo, and your application form.

For South Delhi residents, only first copy of a certificate is issued free of cost at the doorstep by South Delhi Municipal Corporation's (SDMC). But soon they will be able to generate birth and death certificates free of cost online. Currently, the birth registration facility is provided online or through Citizen Service Bureaus (CSB) at zonal offices. The second and subsequent copies of the birth certificate are provided at a nominal fee of Rs 21 and Rs 11, respectively. In 2019, the CSB issued 1,45,862 birth certificates and 24,761 death certificates, whereas, 62,814 birth certificates and 15,800 death certificates have been generated online. To promote more online registration and issuance of birth certificate, it was decided to waive off the fee online. However if you apply for a birth certificate through CSB, the fee applies.

Birth Reporting Form

A Birth report form for Delhi is available on the official MCD website here -

This is the Birth certificate form that needs to be filled in while registering birth of a boy or girl in Delhi. The Hospital will give you this form to be filled in order to obtain Birth Certificate in Delhi. They might themselves fill that form in front of the father or any nearby relative and cross verify the details.

How can you obtain your birth certificate online?

There are some documents you need to submit along with application form in order to get your birth certificate reissued.

What documents you need to get the birth proof?

The following documents attested by a Gazette officer can be given as a proof for your birth claim:

  • 10th Class Mark Sheet/School Leaving Certificate
  • ID Proof, that can be PAN card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport and Driving Licence
  • Address Proof, like Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Bank Passbook or Passport.
  • A Photo is to be attached on your application form
  • An affidavit of your mother/father/ uncle/ aunt/ elder brother or sister-which mentions the appropriate birth place, date, year and time.

You must visit your nearby Municipal Corporation office, the place where you were born. There you will be issued an application form which you must fill with correct details.

What is to be filled in the application form?

These are the details you need to fill in the application form:

Applicant's complete name
Parent's complete name
Your date of birth
Parents address
Your place of the birth

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