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Challan Online Payment, Step-by Step E Challan Payment Online

What is e-challan? 

e-Challan is a sophisticated software application which includes Android based mobile app and web interface, developed for the purpose of providing a comprehensive solution for Traffic Enforcement System be it for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen. The mobile based access to the e challan system is available only to enforcement officers via android smart phones.

Benefits of E-challan System

  • E Challan system is much more efficient, comprehensive, transparent and very user-friendly. 
  • It makes sure that technology is used efficiently providing an easy, efficient and comprehensive traffic enforcement system ensuring data sharing across the country leading to better traffic discipline and road safety. 
  • With the system of e-challan, traffic challans can be issued easily, records and back-end operations can be managed easily, offence history can be tracked, payments, reports etc. can be seen.
  • E-challan ensures data integrity, reliability and transparency. 100% digitization and documentation of records will help in improving the visibility on offenders, types of offences frequently committed, payments received on time etc. 
  • It minimizes a person's time and efforts in making payments or follow-up actions after getting challan on Road 
  • It minimizes revenue loss and enhance transparency 
  • The system of E-challan provides real time Road Safety implementation report to the Ministry/ State Govts for data driven policy making. 
  • The easy and efficient challaning option for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Police officers is fully customizable as per state/ department requirements 
  • No duplicate or fake challans can be issued. The department can remotely audit and monitor.
  • A citizen can easily pay E challan online at his/her suitable time.

Challan Online Payment

If you have violated any of the traffic rules and a camera has captured your vehicle, in that case you might be issued an e-challan. An e-challan can also be issued if any traffic policemen caught you for violating any of the new traffic rules. A person who is issued an e challan can pay online easily.  The traffic rules are changing and viral videos of heavy challans being issued are doing rounds on the internet where police can be seen charging people on traffic rules. Therefore, here's how you can check if there is an e-challan issued for your vehicle or not and how to do echallan online payment or how challan online payment can be done.

Visit E-Challan - Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement solution website at the official website  and click on ‘Check Challan Status’ option

Enter “” in a browser window of either mobile or laptop and click on ‘Check Challan Status’ option.
You can get challan details and go for online payment with choosing one of the three options available - Challan number, Vehicle number, or DL number.

Then you need to enter a captcha code and click on Get detail.
After entering any of the three challan numbers, the challan details will appear.
You must note that sometimes different challans can be issued using licence number and vehicle number separately. So, you must search for both criteria to be sure.
In the next window when challan details appear, click on ‘Pay now’.
You need to verify your mobile number with the OTP that you receive.
The online e challan payment website will then redirects to the respective state e-challan payment website. Click Next.
A payment confirmation page will be displayed on screen. Click on ‘Proceed with Net-payment’
Select the preferred payments gateway and make the e challan payment online.
 If there is no challan for your vehicle, it will display a message "Challan not found".

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