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How to Apply for PAN Migration Online, Know PAN Migration Status

When an individual shifts from one state to another, it is necessary to get the PAN migrated too.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is issued by the Income Tax department which includes date of birth, name and PAN number of the individual. A PAN number is a 10-digit alphanumeric number used in to link all of his or her financial transactions with the unique ID such as tax payments, income tax return and wealth tax return. When an individual moves his or her permanent address from one state to another, it is must to get the PAN migration done to the new Assessing Officer (AO). Thus, only the new AO would process the return filed by the assessee as per his or her address details.

For the PAN migration to work properly, you must be clear in how to do PAN card migration. The official website of Income Tax Department lists some steps to know your jurisdiction AO and how the PAN card migration works and what is the Pan Card status.

Where to start the PAN Migration Online process?

The PAN migration application has to be made to the AO who currently holds jurisdiction of your PAN and it includes PAN transfer request which is to be made by the destination AO (your new AO as per change in residence).

How to know the jurisdiction of my new AO?

Jurisdiction of your new AO can be seen on the official website
 in the column 'Field Offices' of different states wherein Designation and contact numbers of the officers are mentioned. The PAN is allotted as per their office address or the current place of posting for Armed Forces personnel. After retirement, the PAN Card must be transferred to the jurisdictional AO in their hometown or the particular state where they stay after retirement.

You filled PAN migration application online, now What?

After the transfer request is permitted by the source AO, the PAN transfer request reaches the source Commissioner of Income Tax for his or her confirmation. The PAN remains there only in the transfer process till the source officer accepts the PAN transfer request. Till the time PAN migration is done, the destination AO can't help with any tax return filed by you.

How to know your PAN migration status with the new AO?

Current status of the jurisdictional AO of the PAN can be verified from the
Visit the Income Tax official website
Click on Know Your A.O. to know your jurisdictional AO at the links mentioned left side of the screen.

A page opens up where you need to enter your PAN Number and Mobile Number.

Click on submit.
If your new AO gets displayed, it means the PAN migration is successfully done.

Any mobile app for online PAN migration?
PAN migration option is also available on the I-T department’s mobile app Aaykar Setu. To migrate your PAN using the Income Tax app, click on the ‘Got a problem’ option on the home page. You will be able to see the PAN migration option. All details about PAN migration status will be shown here.

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