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Pay Jaipur Electricity Bill Online to get incentive says Jaipur Discom

100 will be selected through a lottery system for bills not exceeding Rs 20,000.

Jaipur Discom is ready to provide incentive to consumers who pay their bills online. To encourage digitalisation, online payment of JVVNL bill will fetch consumers an incentive. As per the plan, a lottery system would be undertaken wherein selected 100 consumers will be given an incentive of Rs 5,000. The bill amount must not exceed Rs20,000 is the only condition.

"The plan is a part of the Jaipur discom discussion and we want to encourage consumers to pay Jaipur electricity bill online via digital mode which would eventually reduce our other costs.” said, Managing director of Jaipur discom RG Gupta.

This will cost Rs 5 lakhs to Jaipur discom every month and Rs 60 lakhs in a year. Still discom officials are of the view that it will benefit the discom indirectly as various costs for collection of the electricity bill will be gradually reduced if the consumers start making the Jaipur electricity bill payment digitally.

A meeting was held by the ministry of power in Delhi, where all the states of the country were asked to promote digital payments in billing. The billing of consumers is one of the largest revenues made by discom and if big number of consumers pay JVVNL bill via online mode, it will help in making India digital.

The consumers while making online payment by visiting the Jaipur discom website through debit card or credit card pay some extra amount as banks also deduct some charges on the total amount paid.

The incentive is planned to be either Rs5,000 or the bill amount of the consumer, whichever is less. For example, if a consumer with a bill of Rs 3,000 makes the Jaipur electricity bill payment online, he will get an incentive of Rs 3,000 and not Rs 5,000 and the incentive amount will be adjusted in the next bill of the consumer.

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