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BBMP Property Tax 2017-18

BBMP Property Tax 2017-18, Bangalore Property Tax Payment Online

If you are looking for property tax payment in Bangalore, you have come to the right place. Property tax payment in Bangalore is a simple process in which you can pay tax online or through dedicated banks or Bangalore 1 centers. Some banks have also been authorised to collect property tax from the people of Bangalore. When you are starting a fresh to pay Bangalore property tax, you need to know the forms that are required.

BBMP Property Tax Forms:

BBMP has provided with 6 forms to pay property tax in Bangalore. BBMP calls it Forms I, II, and III, Form IV, Form V and VI. Here's a brief description of all:

BBMP Property Tax Form I: BBMP Property Tax Form I in white colour is required when the property owner has a PID. The PID (Property Identification Number) is a unique ID provided to each property in Bangalore and it includes the ward, street and plot on information.

BBMP Property Tax Form II: BBMP Property Tax Form II in Pink Colour is required when the property owner does not have a PID but have a khatha number. Khatha number is the number of the khatha certificate that is given for each property and includes all the details of that property.

BBMP Property Tax Form III: Form 3 in light green colour for BBMP propert tax payment is needed when the property tax owner has neither the PID or the khata number. These are unauthorized properties

BBMP Property Tax Form IV: BBMP Form IV in White colour is a white form needed when there is no change in the proerty details. When there is an increase or decrease in the size of the property, one can use this form.

BBMP Property Tax Form V: BBMP Form 5 is a blue form usually used when there has been a change in the property. For instance, a new floor has been added, or the property has been demolished or property classification has changed from residential to non-residential. Also used when the status of the property changes from under construction to constructed.

BBMP Form VI: BBMP form 6 is used when the property is exempted from paying property tax. The property owner still have to pay a service charge even if it is exempted from paying property tax with this form.

How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore?

To pay property tax in Bengaluru, you can either pay it offline or pay property tax online in Bangalore.

Pay Property Tax Bangalore Offline: To pay property tax bangalore, you need to fill out all the forms and submit at the authorised centers to pay the tax. Submit the Property Tax Bangalore forms at Bangalore 1 centre or ARO offices and pay via card or demand draft. The banks authorised are Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Induslnd Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank and ING Vysya Bank.

BBMP Property Tax Payment Online: Here, we have mentioned How to pay property tax online in Bangalore. To pay property tax online Bangalore, you need your old and new PID numbers or the base application number. After you have got these details, visit the BBMP site and enter these details at the appropriate place and get your property details along with instructions on how to pay bbmp tax online.

BBMP Property Tax 2017-18, 2016-17
Steps to pay Bangalore property tax online:

  • Visit BBMP official website or and select property tax payment or enter your details at the Property Tax Payment small form
  • Enter your Base SAS application No. or PID No. in the given space. All  these details  can be seen entered  in  the  Base  SAS application. Click on Fetch.
  • You cannot make any changes in column 1 and 2.
  • Make appropriate change in column 3 if there is any change in occupation/age/telephone No. /Mobile No. and e mail address. Mobile number is a mandatory field.
  • No changes can be made from column No. 4 a to 4 f. Any changes in the postal address can be mentioned in column 4 g. 
  • Mention  your  BESCOM  &  BWSSB  RR  No.s  and  ADHAAR CARD Number. These are optional fields.
  • In  column  5a  and  5b , choose  the  zonal  classification  to  which  your  property  belongs  to  Residential  /  Non - Residential.
  • In  column  5a(i)  and  5b(i)  the  zonal  classification  already  chosen  in  the base year application is retrieved
  • In  column  5a(ii)  and  5b(ii),    you  will  have  to  choose  the  zonal classification  as  per  the  new  Zonal  classification  notified  in  the Karnataka State Gazette available on this website.
  • Suppose your property is sliding down from higher zone to lower zone, it  has  to  be  retained in  the  same  zonal  classification  as  it  exists  in  the base year application. For  example  :  If  the  property  was  in  zone  “D”  in  the  base  year application, but now it has slid down to zone “E”, it has to be retained in zone “D” only.
  • In column 6, details of your property are retrieved as there in your base year application.
  • In  column  7a  built  up  area  and  usage  of  your  property  as  declared  in the base year application are retrieved.
  • If there are any changes made in the existing structure or usage of your property in the current year, enter those in the given space below the column 7a by using "ADD" option.


  • If  you  are  paying  the  entire  amount  as  calculated  in  one instalment, you can avail a rebate of 5% of total amount payable.
  • A  penalty of  Rs.100/ -will  be  added  if  return  is  not  filed within the prescribed period and a penal interest of 2% per month is added if the property tax is paid after due date for payment.
  • In column 27 Net Tax payable is shown.
  • Now you have to choose whether you are paying in one instalment or two instalments. Property tax can be paid in two instalments.
  • If you are paying BBMP property tax online, you can choose the online payment option by clicking "ONLINE PAYMENT" and make the payment using your credit/debit card or net banking.
  • If you are paying in cash/DD/cheques, click on the "CHALLAN" button. Generate a challan and take a printout. 
  • The validity of the challan is 10 days from the date generated in month of April. Make a payment in any one of the authorised Canara Bank branches within the BBMP limits within this time frame. The bank gives receipts immediately for payments received in cash and DD. For payments received through cheque receipts are generated after realisation of payment.
  • You can print challans, completed application copy and also receipts after payments are made or realised.

BBMP Property Tax Receipt: After successfully paying the BBMP online payment, the system will provide a tax receipt by BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike) mentioning the payment details. BBMP Property tax receipt will include like the application number, payment location, the assessment year, the tax payable, the cess applicable, the total tax payable, any advances paid etc.

BBMP property tax receipt is issued after you make the payment via cash, demand draft or credit/debit cards. BBMP will issue an online soft copy which you can print later. You can also check status of your Bangalore property tax online payment.

BBMP Property Tax Calculation: These are the steps one needs to take for calculating BBMP property tax:
  • Note the built up area of the property, value per unit area and the applicable depreciation
  • Multiply unit area value, and built up area, then multiply it by 10 (for 10 months)
  • Reduce the depreciation from the value that you got in the above step and you get the total annual value of the property.
  • From the total annual value calculate 20% to get the property tax.
  • Calculate 24% of property tax to get the applicable cess
  • Add property tax with the cess to get the actual payable tax.
  • Get 5% rebate if you pay the BBMP property tax before the due date of 30th April
  • Reduce 5% from the actual payable tax you got in the second step above to get the final amount payable.
For any help or complaints, contact 

Deputy Commissioner of Revenue
BBMP, Bengaluru.
Phone No : 080 2297 5555
Help Line : 080 2266 0000

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