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How to Check Passport Status, Passport Tracking

How to Track Passport Status in India?

When your passport application procedure is completed, you need to wait for a few days for your passport to be issued. This is the time when you need to track passport application status on the official website to let you know that latest information update.

If you want to track changes, need to do corrections, updates or check if modifications could be made to your passport details like change of name, address etc.,  you can check passport status online.

How to Check Passport Status Online?

These are the steps to Check Passport Status Online in India:
In order to Check Passport Status Online, you need to visit the PSP portal i.e. the passport seva portal

  • Click on the link ‘Track Your Application Status’.
  • A new page opens up
  • Then first, You need to select one from 4 different options from Select Application Type:

                   -Diplomatic/Official Application Status
                   -RTI Status
                   -Surrender Certificate

  • Then in the second field, enter your File Number provided to you as a receipt when you submitted passport application. The file number is the 15 alphanumeric characters mentioned on the Acknowledgement Letter. This Acknowledgement Slip is given to you when you exit after the at application process at the psk.
  • Now, you need to enter your date of birth and then click Track Status.
  • Check passport status by reference file number as well as entering your Date of Birth.
  • If details are correctly entered and submitted, the ‘Status Tracker’ page will be displayed where Your file number, Your first and last name, passport application submission date and passport current status will be displayed.

You will thus be able to find where your passport application is how much it seems to await delivery of your passport or if need arises, you can take action.

Passport Tracking by National Call Centre
For passport tracking enquiry / related services enquiries , you can contact the passport National Call Center/IVRS using a toll-free number at 1800-258-1800.

National Call Centre Timings:
    Citizen Service Executive Support: 8 AM to 10 PM
    Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) Support: 24 hours

Tracking Passport Status by Helpdesk
You can also check grievances and feedback section of the Passport India portal. Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) can help you with any Indian passport enquiries on passport application status or updates. You can also email the passport office in your area for any passport enquiries.

Track Passport Status Through Premium SMS
You can also avail the Passport India Premium SMS service by which you will be able to receive up to 9 status updates of your passport application. You can avail the Passport India SMS service at a charge of Rs.40 payable only once at the time of enrollment. You can pay and enroll for SMS service from at the PSK when you go there to submit your passport application. You can also use this service to track your passport application. For this, you need to send a text message (SMS) by typing in STATUS, then leave a space and enter the 15 digit alphanumeric file number to 9704100100. E.g. STATUS BNG071268435013.

Passport Status Tracking by mPassport Seva app
By using mPassport Seva app on your smartphone, you can track passport status. Download Passport App for any device like Android, BlackBerry, IOS and Windows. Download passport app via Google Play, BlackBerry World, App Store and Windows Phone. To track passport application with the app, simply you have to enter your file number and birth date. This app can also be used to track passport delivery status.

Indian Passport Application Status Types
The passport status keeps on updating till the entire passport application progress is completed. When you track passport application status, you will be greeted with any of the following messages:

Application submitted - It means passport application form and passport fees has been submitted and paid.

Application under review or under review with reason - It means the passport application is being processed or is being reviewed, documentation or modification of details might be needed. You need to visit the psk to get this status move forward.

Police Verification initiated or pending - It means the Police Verification request has been started by the PO with the relevant police department or yet to be started.

Police Verification report submitted or under review or not clear - It means police verification for Passport India has been completed. The report submitted to the passport office by the police department is hold-up. It may also mean that the applicant has not cleared the police verification process due to some information that has been uncovered by the police. You need to visit PSK to get this rectified with the particular police station with the required information.

Passport granted or printed or dispatched or returned undelivered/ PCC application forwarded or granted - After your application for passport has completed the final process successfully, passport will be granted to you. Then the passport will be printed and dispatched by the RPO. You will be able to get your passport via Speed Post. When your passport is delivered and you were not at home and no right person is there to take delivery on your behalf, it will be returned back and marked undelivered.

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