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SNDL Bill Payment, Pay SNDL Nagpur Electricity Bill Online

SNDL Bill Payment, Pay SNDL Nagpur Electricity Bill Online

While paying SNDL electricity bill online, many consumers complained of paying an extra amount due to some technical glitches found in the SNDL billing software. Consumers of SNDL tell paying more month after month. MSEDCL's nodal office has demanded a reason for these glitches from its franchisee, SNDL informed that this fault would be corrected soon. R Patil, a resident of Ravi Nagar got a bill of Rs830 for the period May 7, 2016, to June 6, 2016. While logging in on to SNDL's official website, his bill amount was displayed as Rs970. As option of part payment is not available, Ravi had to pay the incorrect amount. MSEDCL norms state that paying the SNDL electricity bill within seven days can get a discount of 1% to the consumer. The discounted amount would have actually been Rs820 as the bill was paid within the stipulated period of time. Due to this, Ravi had to pay Rs150 extra.

A resident of Mecosabagh, A Thakur paid an extra Rs1,260 for the SNDL online bill payment Nagpur. He got a bill of Rs9,980 for the month of May but when he logged on to SNDL portal to pay SNDL electricity bill online, he went for a shock to see the bill amount displayed as as Rs11,240. Now take the case of P Patil, he had to pay only Rs20 extra for the SNDL Online bill payment Nagpur. So, he is the lucky one, you can say.

This is one of the big problem faced by SNDL Nagpur bill payment online website. A consumer can view his/her bill under 'Bill History' section. For paying SNDL electricity bill payment online, you need to click 'View And Pay Bills' section.

This is such a big mess for the consumers of SNDL and they must rectify the software as soon as possible for the benefit of their consumers. Because of the SNDL faulty software, consumers always pay higher bills each month. The SNDL electricity bill is adjusted each month for high bill but this is no way correct to force the consumers to pay higher bills each time.

SNDL official informed that the difference between the printed bill amount and the SNDL website amount was due to direct linking of the consumer's data with MSEDCL database. He also said that SNDL would rectify this error from the website soon.

SNDL Nagpur Customer Care/SNDL Nagpur Helpline (Complaint) Number - 1800 313 9600