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DDA Housing Scheme 2014 Draw Result, DDA Draw Result 2014

DDA's much-delayed draw for the Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) housing scheme 2014 draw of results would take place on 25th of November, i.e Tuesday. A trial DDA flats draw of results would be done on Monday, i.e 24th November. If everything gets going and good, a final draw dda result for the DDA housing scheme would be done on 25th November 2014.

Delhi Development Authority first informed that the draw for the flats would take place on November 5 which was postponed to November 17. Delhi Development Authority then again shifted the draw result 2014 after it was found that trial runs were not successful. As the DDA draw results would be huge owing to record number of 10,08,700 applications for the scheme. As the trial draw of results took nearly eight to nine hours for the data to show up and DDA wanted that data in 2 hrs.

A DDA official informed, “We have finally managed to complete the process within two hours. We will hold a demonstration on Saturday and the draw is most likely to be held on November 24. The number of applications received, number of flats, categories and different parameters are resulting in the cycle of draw taking too much time to complete. The banks also sent us the application data very late because of which we did not get much time to prepare for the draw and the whole process was delayed. We have been working 24x7 to ‘tune’ the database so that the process of draw can be held within two hours.

The Delhi Development Authority has taken the help of experts do that the process could be much smoother and without any technical problems. The Delhi Development Authority’s housing scheme 2014 is the DDA's biggest scheme ever with 25,034 flats on offer. The DDA housing scheme 2014 was launched on September 1 and ended on October 15 for which the draw is going to be held on 25th November 2014. DDA Draw Result 2014 is available on the website -

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