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How To Send Money Abroad from SBI To Foreign Bank Account Online?

How To Send Money Abroad from SBI To Foreign Bank Account Online? SBI customers may send money to friends, relatives, and others living in foreign countries. Many users have found this service to be really useful. One of the most common approaches is to utilize the net banking capability to send money online. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) supervises money transfers from India to other countries through the Liberalized Remittance Facility for Resident Indians, which enables up to USD 250,000 in FX external remittances every fiscal year, subject to certain conditions. To transfer money overseas with SBI, you must be a client for at least one year and have a KYC-compliant account with an updated PAN number. Furthermore, your online banking account should have transaction rights enabled. Customers of the State Bank of India can now send money to international banks or overseas branches using an internet-based Online Forex Outward Remittance facility. How Do I Add an International Benefic

How to Apply for HDFC Cheque Book Online?

HDFC Cheque Book Request Online, Apply for HDFC Cheque Book Online HDFC Bank is one of the country's top private banks. It tailors and improves its financial services for customers to make them more convenient. For requesting a Cheque Book online, HDFC Bank offers several choices. There are several methods to apply for an HDFC Cheque Book . Mobile Banking Internet Banking Missed call SMS Phone Banking HDFC ATM Bank Branch How Can I Apply for an HDFC Cheque Book Online? Please sign in to your HDFC net banking account. On the Account page, navigate to the Request area. Scroll down and choose Request Cheque Book. Confirm the contact information and click the Accept button. Click the "Submit" button. How can I request an HDFC Cheque Book by phone? Call the customer care toll-free number 18002703366 from your registered mobile number to get a new Cheque Book. Verify the status of your telephone number (TIN). This is a four-digit number that HDFC Bank provides for use with t

How to Buy Land on Moon?

How to Buy Land on Moon? Indians and the world over may now purchase land on the moon from India. If you want to know how to acquire lunar land from India, you've come to the perfect site. Can a regular person visit the moon after acquiring a property on the moon? Purchase land in India for greater future returns while adhering to all legal requirements. You cannot legally buy land on the moon, according to a pact signed by the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Because the Treaty prohibits "a new form of colonial competition," no one may buy a parcel of property on the moon. The Outer Space Treaty was signed by India, as well as 109 other countries. Individuals from all across the world have acquired a plot of land on the moon.  On August 23, after India's Chandrayaan-3 successfully soft-landed near the Moon's south pole, a guy from Jammu and Kashmir purchased land on the lunar surface. Rupesh Masson, a businessman, bought a site two days af

How to Register & Apply for DDA Housing Scheme 2023 - Check Last Date?

DDA Housing Scheme 2023 Registration The Delhi Development Authority's (DDA) 'Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023' includes 32,000 newly built residences, including magnificent penthouses. Registration for these apartments, which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, begins today. The flats are priced between Rs 11.5 lakh and Rs 5 crore and are located in Dwarka, Loknayakpuram, and Narela. According to DDA officials, potential purchasers who register for the plan would be charged a small registration fee. Applicants who are interested in applying can do so online at the DDA website. The plan includes apartments in several income groups, including super high-income group (SHIG), high-income group (HIG), middle-income group (MIG), low-income group (LIG), and economically disadvantaged group (EWS). Check out DDA Housing Scheme 2023 details below: DDA Housing Scheme 2023: Flats Location These flats are available in Narela, Dwarka, Sector 19B, Dwarka Sector-14,

How to Buy Digital Gold in India

How to Buy Digital Gold in India? Purchasing digital gold has grown popular in recent years. This is due to the ease with which digital gold may be purchased. Unlike gold jewelry, digital gold may be purchased for one rupee and does not incur any manufacturing costs. However, there are a few things to bear in mind while purchasing digital gold. Continue reading to learn more about it. People who find it difficult to buy actual gold owing to high expenses are increasingly turning to digital gold. Unlike gold jewelry, digital gold may be acquired for as little as Re 1 and there are no production expenses. Furthermore, an investor can swap digital gold for an equivalent weight of gold coins or sell it and get funds in a bank account, depending on his or her preference and convenience. If you want to buy digital gold during Akshaya Tritiya or Diwali, here's all you need to know. Purchasing digital gold on the internet You may now purchase digital gold from MMTC-PAMP, SafeGold, Augmon

How to open a Demat account online?

How to open a Demat account online? A Demat account, short for Dematerialisation account, is a widespread phrase in the trading and investment worlds. A Demat account is essential for investors interested in equities shares. This account simplifies the process of keeping shares and securities in electronic form, making it more convenient for investors. Notably, the fundamental objective of a Demat account is to convert share certificates from physical to electronic form, hence increasing account holders' accessibility. Physical trading was the norm prior to the introduction of Demat accounts in 1996. However, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) launched Demat accounts, which transformed the investing scene. Individuals were empowered by these accounts, which allowed them to participate in online stock market investments. Opening a Demat account may be done either online or offline. Check out this page for a step-by-step approach to creating an online Demat account. H

How to Apply for a PET Passport?

How to Apply for a PET Passport? Obtaining a pet passport is an important step in assuring a trouble-free vacation while traveling overseas with your treasured canine companion. The process of applying a pet passport in India comprises a number of necessary yet simple steps. This detailed guide will walk you through the necessary processes, such as confirming your pet's current immunizations and completing the necessary paperwork. By following these steps, you may make it easier for your four-legged buddy to join you on your overseas excursions. It should be noted that acquiring a 'Pet Passport' for exporting pets from India might be fairly complicated due to differing entrance regulations in different countries.   What is Indian Pet Passport? Although India does not issue an official 'Pet Passport,' the word is often used to refer to the documentation required for traveling to and from India with a pet. These documents are required by customs officers in order to

How to Reverse a UPI Transaction?

How to Reverse a UPI Transaction? Reversing a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transaction on your payment app might be difficult because UPI transactions are usually instant and irreversible. However, under the following circumstances, you may be eligible to seek a reversal or refund: How to Reverse a UPI transaction ? To reverse a UPI transaction on your payment app, follow these steps: Contact the receiver right away: If you made a UPI payment to the wrong individual, the first thing you should do is contact them right away and request a refund. If the recipient is agreeable, they can simply reverse the transaction. Contact your bank or UPI app provider:  If the recipient is unable or unwilling to reimburse the money, you can seek assistance from your bank or UPI app provider. You must supply them with the transaction reference number (UTR), date, and transaction amount. They will subsequently begin the UPI Auto-Reversal procedure on your behalf. Contact your bank or UPI app provide

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