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How to Confirm Aadhar Card link with PAN Card,

How to Confirm Aadhar Card link with PAN Card @ Government has made it mandatory for all taxpayers in India to link his/her PAN card with Aadhaar while e-filing income tax return . Here's how you can link Aadhaar with PAN and the steps for how to confirm and verify if PAN and Aadhar are linked or you can know the  aadhar link to pan card status . Aadhaar-PAN linking Before initiating the steps for linking your Aadhaar with PAN, you need to first register yourself on the income tax e-filing portal - As per the revised Income Tax Act in the Finance Bill 2017-18 by finance minister Arun Jaitley, the Government of India has made it mandatory for everyone who is paying taxes to link their Aadhaar number with PAN card while e-filing income tax return . This has been done to check tax evasion via use of multiple PAN cards. Steps for Linking your Aadhaar with PAN: 1. Keep your Aadhar and PAN card near you for immedia

Pay Mizoram Water Bill Online

Pay Mizoram Water Bill Online Consumers of Mizoram can have a sigh of relief as they do not need to make long queues to pay water bill online Mizoram . Government of Mizoram has launched for the first time in history of Mizoram online bill payment system. The Consumers can now pay water bill online from the comfort of their homes or offices by the click of a button. Recently, Mizoram Public Health Engineer Minister Zodintlaunga launched the Mizoram online bill payment so that water bills can be easily paid via internet. Minister said, “Consumers can now pay water bills online from the comfort of their homes instead of going at water bill counters. This facility would really help in ease off public." Th minister appreciated the PHE department for the effective implementation of the process of online water bill payment Mizoram and also thanked Information & Communication Technology department for building the payment gateway as well as the finance department for s

5 Mistakes Delaying your Income Tax Refund

5 Mistakes delaying your Income Tax Refund When you are e-filing income tax return , make sure to watch out for common mistakes to avoid getting delayed or denial of income tax refund . Common mistakes an income tax payee could do to avoid delay in refund of Income tax: Non e-filing of income tax return Taxpayers must note that their refund will not come directly without filing income tax return . The income tax department (ITD) has made it mandatory since June 2015 to e-file income tax return (ITR) for people who are looking for the income tax refund. So, please keep in mind that you need to file return online for any income tax refund, you may have. Choosing the incorrect income tax return form It is suggested to wisely choose the correct income tax return form to file income tax return as choosing the incorrect return form could cause non-processing of income tax return by CPC. This non-process of income tax return could result in delay in income tax refund status

Delhi’s power subsidy policy helping rich more than poor

Delhi’s power subsidy policy helping rich more than poor Delhi government's committment to provide power for households at subsidised rates is among the most generous in the country but due to carelessness and disorganization, it is helping rich more than the poor. As per Brookings India research paper, poor get subsidy of around Rs 1,000 per year on average since they consume less electricity, rich people often end up getting a benefit of around Rs 9,000. This is because of the criteria of how much a household consumes, and presently the subsidy is given to those people whose units in month are not more than 400. Thus, around 80% of households qualify for the 50% subsidy paid with Govt's money. "Sometimes it go high to 95% of households. The middle class, enjoy more benefits of the power subsidy on a percentage basis than the poor. The lowest tier gets under 33% subsidy on net billing on an average, and those utilising just a little under the limit get over 40% net

Checklist for Income Tax Refund

Checklist for Income Tax Refund If your employer has deducted income tax in excess or you were not able to declare your investments on time. Worry not as one can claim the excess income tax back from the income tax department . Steps to Guide you when you are filing for Income Tax Refund: You can claim income tax refund by simply filing income tax return . If you find in the income tax return mentioning that you have paid more income tax, there is no need to apply for it separately. You are not required to file income tax return if your taxable income is lower than the maximum exempted limit. If you wish to claim any refund for income tax , you have to file return . Tax refunds need to be claimed within a period of two years from the end of the financial year for which the tax refund claim is related. Before claiming income tax refund , you must check Form 26AS available on the Income tax website , it's also know as your tax credit statement. Even if your income tax

Income Tax Slab 2017-18

Income Tax Slab 2017-18, Income Tax Slab For Ay 2018-19 Income Tax is a type of tax that is levied by the government on an individual’s earning/salary. The government uses the collected tax money to improve infrastructure, defense and various other purposes including the development of the country. The income tax is counted as a stable source of income for the government to facilitate a diverse range of services to the people of the nation. The income tax is also used for paying government employees their salary. Calculation of Income Tax The income tax is calculated differently for individuals based on various factors such as the type of income, amount of income, age, etc. In order to calculate the income tax from salary, an individual will require declaring the total amount of earning and the total amount of deductions. The government allows the individual to draw exemption on particular types of investment. The following income tax slab will help you in calculating your tax

Mizoram Water Bill Payment Online

Mizoram Water Bill Payment Online, Mizoram PHE Bill Online Payment Consumers who wish to pay water bill online Mizoram can now do so as the internet facility is launched now. Steps to pay water bill online Mizoram: Visit the Mizoram PHE Bill Online Payment official website Enter your Consumer Number in the space provided under "Payment". Click on the Recaptcha to prove your are not a Robot but a Human. Click on Submit Mizoram water bill online would be displayed on the computer screen. Click on Pay Now to pay water bill online Mizoram You can pay water bill Mizoram by using Netbanking, Credit Card/Debit Card and Mobile wallet. The Payment details would be sent to your Mobile as well as Email Id. So make sure you double check it before entering. You must agree to the Terms & Condtions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy to pay your bills online Following is the Convenience fee for Mizoram PHE Bill Online Payment: Netb

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