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Pay Bangalore Property Tax and get 5% rebate

Pay Bangalore Property Tax and get 5% rebate BENGALURU: It's time of the year again to pay BBMP property tax 2017-18 . To make the Bangalore property tax payment online an easy process, BBMP has made special arrangements to collect tax at the offices of BBMP revenue officers (ROs) or assistant revenue officers (AROs). BBMP is already in talks with banks to fix officials for tax collection at these offices present in the city and at ward level. This change has been made keeping in mind that several tax payers complained about lack of dedicated counters at banks for property tax payment Bangalore the previous year. M K Gunashekar, chairman, standing committee on Taxation and Finance, BBMP, said "We have option for online payment of property tax Bangalore but many people still prefer to pay BBMP property tax offline. If bank officials are present at RO and ARO offices with swipe machines and required receipts, it will be of much help to taxpayers to complete the proces

BBMP Property Tax 2017-18

BBMP Property Tax 2017-18, Bangalore Property Tax Payment Online If you are looking for property tax payment in Bangalore , you have come to the right place. Property tax payment in Bangalore is a simple process in which you can pay tax online or through dedicated banks or Bangalore 1 centers. Some banks have also been authorised to collect property tax from the people of Bangalore. When you are starting a fresh to pay Bangalore property tax , you need to know the forms that are required. BBMP Property Tax Forms: BBMP has provided with 6 forms to pay property tax in Bangalore . BBMP calls it Forms I, II, and III, Form IV, Form V and VI. Here's a brief description of all: BBMP Property Tax Form I: BBMP Property Tax Form I in white colour is required when the property owner has a PID. The PID (Property Identification Number) is a unique ID provided to each property in Bangalore and it includes the ward, street and plot on information. BBMP Property Tax Form II:  BBMP Prop

Pay Bangalore Property Tax or lose assets: BBMP

Pay Bangalore property tax or lose assets: BBMP BENGALURU: Property tax defaulters beware. N Manjunath Prasad, commissioner of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, said the BBMP will issue notices to tax defaulters from April 1 with a 15-day time to pay up the Bangalore property tax arrears. If defaulters fail to pay BBMP property tax till the deadline, assets such as furniture and other movable items will be confiscated from their houses or commercial establishments. BBMP's deputy commissioner (revenue) Venkatachalapathy M said the BBMP has the power to confiscate moveable properties like furniture under the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976. Though immovable properties cannot be seized. As per BBMP rules, a person is declared an offender if he has not paid property tax for the previous year. Venkata chalapathy said, "As per estimates, taxes are due from at least, 20,000 properties from one year to many years. Net revenues would be around Rs 400 crore if defa

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